>What are the dimensions of the balloon when it is filled with air ?

the diameter is a bit more than 16 yards (50 ft)
and height is more variable around 22 yards (65 ft)
it depend on load and outside temperature.
light load --->: the balloon is tall and thin
heavy load --->: the balloon is fat and quite shorter

> do you needed any kind of license to fly it ?

if you are flying in the U.S.A. it is not mandatory by the regulations,
our balloons fit in the UNPOWERED ULTRALIGHT VEHICLES. far Part 103.

However as with any other balloons, flying without any experience would put the pilot life
and may be also other people life in direct and immediate danger... this is for sure.

The future pilot should be at least either:

> can this balloon fly in the summer when the air outside the balloon is also hot ?

yes but performance will be degraded may be to the point it can't lift the pilot anymore
during those hot days .
there is an applet on the site that permit to compute lift capability
at your local conditions using your weight.
Inside temperature should not be allowed to go over 50 degree Celsius for envelope fabric durability.
Usually inside temperature is 20 Celsius above ambient
so a summer at 30 Celsius is the maximum to consider in order to preserve
envelope durability in time.

> How strong are your balloons, does one landing on rocks or thorntrees would be the end???

No they are made of ripstop fabric,
so one landing on rocks or thorntrees would not be the end !
However depending on the wind strength it might require some sewing repairs
We can do it, or you can do it at your location if it is a small job.
If you decide to do it yourself you can do it with a common sewing machine
using only zig zag 6 times pattern but you absolutely need to use
double sided adhesive tape (we can send it by mail).

Note :The machine usually get stuck after a few yards
of sewing because of the glue from the tape.
A simple cleaning of the needle will take care of it.

This fabric definitely need a professional pneumatic sewing machine for big job.

Note : due to the little size of some common sewing machines some areas of the
balloon may only be repairable at our factory
(mostly the equator of the balloon)

the fabric before our coating weigh a little less than 20 grams per square yards
the coating doesn't add strength to the fabric.
It is thinner an lighter than common hot air balloon fabric
you need a very low wind at takeoff, and landing

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