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Here is what make it possible! :

  1. The sun energy at ground level is about 1000 W per square meter.
  2. The balloon is made of an envelope capable collecting the sun energy (special fabric with a special coating).
  3. It is inflated with ambient air.
  4. The envelope pickup enough of the sun energies to heat the air within the balloon.
It work like a common hot air balloon but the heat is produced by the envelop it self rather than by a burner as is usually seen on those balloons. The envelope is made of a very light and strong rip stopping fabric. This fabric is coated with a special component that renders it airtight and also makes it possible to efficiently convert ambient radiation into heat. This heat is then transferred to the air within the balloon by direct contact.

We use a ripstop fabric made of a high tenacity nylon fibres woven on special looms resulting in constructions that are light, low porosity, and durable. They are impregnated with PU and woven with a ripstop pattern (this is an integrally woven pattern of heavier yarns within a fabric to restrict tear and crazing.)

We finish these basic constructions with our
proprietary coating helping for infra red heating .

These fabrics in they're basic form, have set the standard in both performance and durability, having swept the last three America’s Cups.

Here is a cross cut of the materal used :

In order to inflate the balloons we use a high current speed controler and an electric fan.
This controler uses readily available and rugged electronic component and take it's current from 2 little motorcycle battery for the standard solar balloon.

the blimp prototype use the same current speed controler for it's electric engine but power comes from solar panels

here is the electronic controler (Pulse Width Modulator)
it generate low curent pulses on a fixed frequancy
if the pulses ar kept nil or very chort there is no
or very little curent flowing through the circuit
if we alow the pulse to end right at the time when the next one begins
the curent is always "on" we have maximum curent (max power)

those pulses are then amplified to higher curent but still 24v for the engine
through the power board (power modulator).

they are produced 15 000 times per second so it feel
like a continuous comand for both the pilot and the engine.

Research axis we are actually exploring :

What is Starfield-Balloons ? :


The balloon entirely fit into a car or prefferably probably over it and there still remain seats available It is possible to inflate the balloon by using muscular energy alone or with a small electric fan powered by a 8ah or better 16ah battery Easily movable because it weigh only 85 lb.; there is no need for a trailer and ground crew
Here the balloon is spreaded out on the ground of the hangar for a final check before flight test for validation of the new envelope Teetered flight. Use readily available paraglider accessories here a harness with airbag and ballast integration







The common balloons have some limitations:
None of those limits affect the solar balloons!


Here perf_computer applet
This applet permits you to check the lift possibility of the balloon at your location
it need:
the difference between ambient temperature at your altitude and ambient temperature at your altitude from standard atmosphere (delta I.S.A. Celsius)
the altitude (feet)
the difference between ambient temperature and the temperature inside the envelope (it is about 20 Celsius with good sun conditions)
the balloon envelope weight (40 kilograms for all balloons at present time)
the envelope volume (2200 cubic meters for all balloons at present time)



Part Amount Deposit Crating
Balloon envelope ready to fly with suspension cables and control cables (suspension cables are set for use with a harness and not for a basket) 13 000.00 Euros
16 624.00 USD
7 000.00 Euros
8 950.00 USD
300.00 Euros
383.00 USD
crating include carrier bag and delivery bag

Harness with integrated airbag
600.00 Euros
767.00 USD
na Included with balloon bag if ordered with harness
Hand actuated fan here (do not need battery) 400.00 Euros
511.00 USD
na Depend of post service

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We hope the information here has answered a lot of your questions about owning,and flying one of the starfield balloons, the most ecologic and economic aerostat on the market today. We can also arrange a demonstration flight near you under certain conditions, and we stand by to answer any other questions you might have about this new ecologic kind of flying :

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